Harmonizing densification initiatives with city- and townscape preservation

In Switzerland, spatial-development projects are expected to meet disparate requirements relating to densification and city- and townscape preservation, both of which are given high priority. This typically leads to challenges at all administrative levels. We examined how stipulations outlined in the Swiss Federal Inventory of Heritage Sites (ISOS) can be met by planners in the context of high-quality densification projects. Based on case studies carried out in various municipalities, we provided the federal government with recommendations for harmonizing the apparently disparate objectives of these two priorities.

Our services

  • Interviews with representatives from six municipalities within an ISOS perimeter
  • Examination of ISOS compliance challenges in the context of densification projects; presentation of solutions for various project phases
  • Submission of recommendations for harmonizing ISOS and densification objectives to the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK) and the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE)
  • Project findings report
  • Presentation of findings to the members of the “Postulat Fluri” workgroup and in two workshops with municipal representatives

Picture: Aarau old town

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