Identification and protection of critical infrastructure in Liechtenstein

What qualifies as critical infrastructure in Liechtenstein? What is the relevance of each of these elements for the country? And to what extent does Liechtenstein depend on critical infrastructure in other European countries, and vice versa? Working in close consultation with the relevant public agencies, EBP provided answers to these questions and identified measures to be taken to secure the country's critical infrastructure.

Modern societies need properly functioning critical infrastructure. Such infrastructure helps to secure a reliable supply of energy and water. However, critical infrastructure also includes major data centers and buildings operated by public safety organizations such as fire departments.

Swiss methodology tailored to Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein commissioned EBP to help it identify what qualifies as critical infrastructure in Liechtenstein and to assign each element a specific strategic class. As with the applied methodology, the classes are based on an approach taken in Switzerland that EBP tailored to meet the specific needs of Liechtenstein.

International interdependence

Working together with the Liechtenstein Civil Protection Agency, EBP organized talks with representatives of the countries bordering Liechtenstein. The aim of these talks was to determine whether and to what extent Liechtenstein is dependent on critical infrastructure in other countries, as well as the extent to which Europe relies on critical infrastructure in Liechtenstein.

Protective measures

EBP summarized the most important results of its examination in a final report. The report includes a list of measures that warrant consideration when it comes to the protection of critical infrastructure.

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