Illustration for identity

Illustrations draw people’s attention and capture their imagination. They enable us to distinguish ourselves from a flood of other images and to convey messages that would be difficult to convey with photography alone.

In order to ensure that messages, images and other content are invested with a unique character in print and web media, we create illustrations that are expressly tailored to our customers’ endeavors. Generally buoyant, our illustrations give a special identity to whatever it is that needs to be communicated.

Interner Studentenanlass Entwicklungsschritte 1
The sketch visualizes initial ideas.
Interner Studentenanlass Entwicklungsschritte 2
At the sketching stage, content can be quickly supplemented or altered accordingly. We clarify matters of composition, color and style ...
Interner Studentenanlass Entwicklungsschritte 3
... and then create unique illustrations that tell a story.