The impact of climate change on emergency management

To what extent will climate change force us to adjust our approach to emergency management in Switzerland? And what in particular can those responsible for emergency management do today to better prepare for the challenges of tomorrow? Working in the framework of the second phase of the Swiss government’s Adaptation to Climate Change program, we joined forces with the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) to launch a study designed to answer these very questions.

Drawing upon input from several cantons, cities, municipalities, and specialist agencies, we completed a comprehensive study and used our results to formulate various critical-action proposals.

Our services

  • Analysis and presentation of the latest information and data
  • Interviews with relevant experts
  • Completion of various case studies
  • Facilitation of workshops
  • Identification of the hazards that can be expected to be exacerbated by climate change
  • Assessment of the etiology behind the hazards that are relevant to emergency management
  • Identification of areas in which there is a need for action, and formulation of appropriate measures
  • Presentation of study results in target-group-specific forms (e.g. study documentation for specialists and brochures for policymakers and the general public)

Picture Credits: @fire Switzerland

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