The Impact of Flexible Work-Location Policies

How will the growing option of working outside traditional office settings influence where and how we live in the future? We work together with various partners to examine the factors that can be expected to play an important role. In particular, we assess how our selection of a place of residence may change and the impact this may have on spatial development in various regions throughout Switzerland. We also identify the associated opportunities and challenges that can be anticipated for stakeholders in spatial development and the real estate industry in the future.

Our services

  • Literature research on the impact of remote work options on our selection of a place of residence
  • Conducting of workshops with cantonal representatives and stakeholders in the real-estate industry
  • Organization of four additional regional workshops
  • Development of a model for residential location selection
  • Analysis of relocation data and residential search data on real estate platforms
  • Assessment of the potential for remote work
  • Identification of opportunities and challenges relating to spatial development

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