Implementing the principles of a circular economy in Swiss Industry

As part of an international research project, we joined forces with a number of Swiss manufacturers to ascertain what the principles of a circular economy are and to determine the extent to which these principles can be applied to the development of new value propositions for their respective enterprises.

These efforts included an examination of the potential that servitization, or the product-as-a-service model, has to improve a manufacturing enterprise’s sustainability performance.

Our services

  • Examination of the literature and derivation of the various principles of a circular economy
  • Conducting more than 40 interviews with industry experts
  • Development of a methodology for implementing circularity at the value proposition level
  • Identification of obstacles to the implementation of circularity principles in manufacturing, and the development of corresponding solutions
Bild: Geschlossene Wertschöpfungskette in einer Kreislaufwirtschaft Quelle: © EBP
Closed loop supply chains in a circular economy. Picture Credits: © EBP

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