Improving safety for bicyclists at traffic hub near Zurich soccer stadium

The FC-Zurich plaza is one of the top 30 hotspots for bicycle accidents in the city of Zurich. We examined the traffic infrastructure and traffic flow at this nearly circular plaza, including the number, types and causes of bicycle accidents that occurred from 2008 to 2018. We also identified specific locations at the plaza that show safety deficits.

Based on the results of our examination, we worked out 23 viable short and medium-term measures that can be taken to improve traffic safety at the examined hub. These include introducing extra-wide bike lanes painted in red and reworking a critical point at which pedestrians and bicyclists cross a street.

Our services

  • Local road safety inspection (RSI)
  • Assessment of the traffic situation, including photo documentation
  • Statistical accident analysis
  • Assessment of the economic impact of the accidents
  • Establishment of renovation goals
  • Description of possible long-term hub development
  • Identification and prioritization of short to medium-term measures
  • Recommendations and technical drawings for renovating the bicycle accident hotspot

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