Incentivizing electric vehicles in the city of Zurich

To reduce transportation-related carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, the city of Zurich is offering financial incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles. Faced with the task of creating an incentives program, the Zurich City Power Company (EWZ), acting on behalf of the city, commissioned EBP to help city representatives identify appropriate funding venues and allocation criteria.

Together with city representatives, EBP proceeded as follows to work out the basic parameters of the incentives program.

First, EBP helped EWZ to specify the goals of the incentives program and to assess prospective funding venues in terms of their suitability. Using this assessment as a basis, the city of Zurich drafted a shortlist of preferred funding venues. During the program’s first phase, city officials selected the following funding venues: city-operated electric buses and accompanying charging stations; smart charging systems for use at home and at work; and public charging stations.

Second, EBP helped to identify the criteria that would apply to the individual allocation targets within the funding venues and to specify both the entitled persons and the allocation amounts. In addition to this, EBP estimated the expected total amount of funding to maintain the program.

The results were documented in a report aimed at providing a basis for decision making within the relevant agencies.
The Zurich City Council voted on June 26, 2019 to go forward with the incentives aimed at promoting the use of electric vehicles in the city.

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