Increasing the visibility of Zurich’s agglomeration programs in print and online

The canton of Zurich’s various municipalities and urban centers have detailed their building and transportation development plans in their latest (i.e. 4th-generation) agglomeration programs. To help increase the programs’ visibility we encapsulated the contents of the comprehensive reports in an accessible brochure and a management summary on the canton’s website. Our target-image illustrations, infographics, smart layout, clear language and text structure enabled readers to quickly orient themselves and effortlessly comprehend the various program contents. We also included individual experience reports to give a human face to the planned measures.

Our services

  • Securing target-group-appropriate implementation
  • Drafting of content and design concept (for print and web)
  • Creation of infographics
  • Drafting of target-group-appropriate texts
  • Conducting and processing testimonial interviews
  • Presentation of best-practice examples
  • Drafting of layout
  • Compilation and presentation of all content for the cantonal website

Contact persons