Infographics to illustrate the impact of climate change on the Canton of Lucerne

To what extent will climate change continue to have an impact on the Canton of Lucerne? Where, in particular, can we expect the impact to be extensive? And what can we achieve by resolute implementation of effective climate-protection measures? The EBP communications team has developed a compelling series of infographics to address these issues.

To illustrate the impact of climate change on the Canton of Lucerne for a broad audience, EBP communications experts have created a series of infographics that are based on an official climate-protection status report and various climate scenarios developed by experts for 2018. The aim of the project is to make the complex subject matter more accessible and thereby encourage greater public engagement with the issues related to climate change.

Illustrating the impact of climate change

We created Lucerne-specific infographics as a means of communicating more directly with Lucerne`s residents. The infographics illustrate the impact of climate change in relation to prominent locations and that address both the risks and opportunities.

Folgen des Klimawandels

Easily accessible comparison of climate scenarios

One special challenge consisted in arriving at easily accessible illustrations of the complex data behind official government scenarios developed in 2018. The resulting infographics combine simulations of the latest climate models and observations of current trends to offer a sound assessment of Switzerland`s climate future. The infographics also include various scenarios of what could happen if the pace of climate change accelerates or decelerates in connection with climate-protection measures. In addition to various compelling and easily accessible scenarios, our infographics offer an intuitive look at long-term developments.

Icons 1

Multiple applications

We prepared the infographics for use in connection with a planning report on Lucerne`s climate and energy policy, which was developed by an interdisciplinary team of specialists from EBP`s Security Division and Resources, Energy and Climate Division.

In addition to print application, the infographics can be used in presentations, social-media platforms and websites. Moreover, we also developed a separate icon for each of the relevant policy areas. This will enable the canton to communicate across all media outlets in a tailor-made and uniform visual language.

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