Jinsha Project Platform for an International Team

A team of Chinese and Swiss experts (CH:EBP, Geotest, is currently studying the impact of climate change on water management tasks. EBP has set up a project platform to facilitate the undertaking.

A team of experts from China and Switzerland is studying the impact of climate change on water management tasks along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, a section known to the Chinese as the Jinsha River. The Swiss members of the project team include EBP, Geotest and In order to help smoothly coordinate the work of the various project participants, EBP has created an online project platform.

The platform is used to facilitate project documentation, project communication and project management so as to secure an optimal level of cooperation among the project participants and stakeholders, and keep everyone up to date on the latest developments.

Complex projects often require several experts to be able to work simultaneously on a particular document. The conventional solution would typically involve the drafting of separate document versions. This often results in the loss or the accidental overwriting of content. The project platform avoids this problem by allowing the various experts involved to edit Microsoft Office documents at the same time, and to see who is currently working on what.

EBP has many years of experience with the Microsoft SharePoint application that is being used for the Jinsha project platform.

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