KKGEO: Operation of Cloud-Based Aggregation Infrastructure

The Office of the Conference of Cantonal Geoinformation Service Providers (KKGEO) has established an aggregation infrastructure for the Switzerland-wide publication of harmonised cantonal spatial data. EBP is responsible for the application’s operation.

Represented by the Office of the Conference of Cantonal Geoinformation Service Providers (KKGEO), the Swiss cantons operate a portal to aggregate harmonised cantonal spatial data in the "" portal. With this project they aim to make the data available for downloading and displaying in various clients. Working in the capacity of a project manager, EBP has designed and realised the scalable operation of the portal. The software components used for the system are based on open-source technologies and were developed by Sourcepole AG.

EBP is responsible for overseeing the first two years of operation of the "" application. The scope of the assignment includes establishing a dynamically scalable cloud infrastructure based in Switzerland, installing the application on said infrastructure and providing maintenance and support services.

Working in close cooperation with the Swiss-based cloud-service provider CloudSigma, we set up the infrastructure for the application’s operation in a Zurich computing centre. Thanks to the use of dynamic scaling, our solution can react flexibly to load and request volume fluctuations.

During system operation, we continuously monitor the availability and performance of the application and coordinate the processing of support enquiries with the cloud-service provider and the application developer.

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