Laboratory concept for the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil

With limited available space, the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (HSR) is straining to accommodate its steadily increasing student numbers and expanding research activities. EBP was commissioned to estimate the amount of laboratory space that will be needed by the year 2030 and to submit an appropriate space utilization plan.

Current-state survey

EBP began by examining the university buildings and rooms that are currently used to accommodate laboratory activities. This resulting assessment takes account of the condition of the individual laboratory buildings, the available laboratory space and the ways in which the space is currently used. We then conducted interviews to assess the amount of space and the types of facilities that will be needed by the individual science departments. Combining this information with estimates of student numbers for the years between now and 2030, we then arrived at a forecast of the additional space that will be needed for laboratory purposes.
Working in close consultation with the HSR’s Building Management Office, we then used our analysis as a basis for identifying optimization potential in each of the relevant buildings.

Specific measures and a space and location strategy

In order to enable the HSR to accommodate its short, medium and long-term need for laboratory space, EBP has formulated corresponding short, medium and long-term measures. These measures encompass both organizational proposals and long-term campus-site and building proposals.

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