Lindbergh-Allee, Glattpark Opfikon

An impressive block perimeter building featuring a large inner courtyard and atrium takes shape in the Opfikon Glattpark development zone under the direction of Steiner AG. EBP plans the load-bearing structure for the building from the project’s competition phase through to completion.

The seven-storey building on Lindbergh-Allee includes around 150 rental apartments and 15,000 m2 of commercial and retail space. The basement levels include a parking garage with 250 parking spaces.

The range of uses on the various levels of the structure means that different, area-by-area solutions have to be found for vertical load transfer, which are then connected by means of a supporting structure. The overhanging upper storeys, parts of which extend outwards by up to 6.5 metres, are another unique feature of the load-bearing structure.

In order to keep the sightlines as unrestricted as possible in the spacious sales venues in the ground and basement levels, the load-bearing elements required for earthquake resistance are well-positioned and efficiently exploited.

The superficial layer of aquiferous subsoil that offers little load bearing capacity is compensated for with a pile foundation and the realisation of the basement levels as a "White Tank" watertight concrete construction.

EBP began its involvement in the project as early as the competition phase and has planned the load-bearing structure through to the project's completion.

Picture Credits: Steiner AG

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