Management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canton Zurich

Public health authorities in the canton of Zurich faced major challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in the years 2021 and 2022. Throughout this period, we helped the canton’s pandemic response force to manage the crisis on both the strategic and operational levels. Our interdisciplinary teams drafted guidelines for deployment planning, coordinated the introduction of vaccination centers and mobile vaccination units, and developed anticipatory scenarios of the pandemic’s projected development.

Our services

  • Oversight of planning efforts for and commissioning of 11 vaccination centers
  • Coordinating mobile vaccination unit deployment
  • Interviewing stakeholders from the health sector and the general public
  • Development of anticipatory scenarios for the pandemic’s development
  • Assisting with contact tracing, testing, vaccine administration and certification
  • Developing tools for resource and response planning
  • Creation of a tool to manage vaccine quota allocation
  • Upgrading of the pandemic response force to an event-independent crisis management team

Picture Credits: © EBP, Tillmann Schulze

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