Management of the Teufen Through-Road Project

The main focus of the project is on the relocation and expansion of the single-track light railway that currently passes through the center of the Swiss municipality of Teufen in the canton of Appenzell Ausserhoden. If the project is approved, the trains operated by Appenzell Railways will run on two parallel tracks down the center of the cantonal road through town. In 2019-2020, the number of tracks that service the Teufen train station was increased to three and all station access areas were modernized and redesigned to accommodate people with disabilities. Working on behalf of Appenzell Railways and the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, EBP is in charge of general project management.

The Teufen Transit-Road Project is a joint project initiated by Appenzell Railways (project lead) and the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

New double-track for improve traffic safety

Appenzell Railways currently operates a single-track light railway passing through the center of Teufen. However, a consensus has been reached that the current situation is unacceptable for reasons of safety. This is because the trains, depending on their direction of travel, sometimes run counter to motor vehicle and bicycle traffic. The project therefore involves the construction of a two-track, unidirectional railway down the center of the cantonal road through town, ensuring that the trains always run in the same direction as the motor vehicle traffic, which would lead to an improvement in traffic safety, as well as a welcome stabilization and calming of motor vehicle traffic.

In addition to the track construction, the redesign of the town thoroughfare encompasses the renovation of the cantonal road with corresponding improvements for bicycle and pedestrian traffic, numerous utility lines are being relocated or renewed.

Modernized and barrier-free railway station

Prior to the construction of the light railway double track through the village center the number of tracks servicing the Teufen train station was expanded to three in 2019-2020. The public facilities were also modernized and redesigned to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Special challenges

Given that the plan to build a new two-track light railway through the town of Teufen is controversial in the municipality, a final decision on its realization has been postponed and municipal authorities have commissioned the development of an alternative proposal entailing the construction of a railway tunnel that would bypass the town center. Pursuant to a comprehensive comparison of the two project proposals, a final decision on project implementation is expected in the year 2025.

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