Management of the Teufen Through-Road Project

Appenzell Railways operates a single-track line that passes through the center of the town of Teufen in the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. This single-track line is now to be replaced with a new double-track line at a different location along Kantonsstrasse. The scope of the project includes expanding the track yard at the Teufen railway station to three tracks and converting the station premises in accordance with a barrier-free design. Working on behalf of Appenzell Railways and the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, EBP will oversee the project in the capacity of the total project manager.

The Teufen Transit-Road Project is a joint project initiated by Appenzell Railways (project lead) and the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

New double-track for improve traffic safety

The trains operated by Appenzell Railways currently pass through the center of Teufen on a single track, which essentially means that they directly approach all motorists and bicyclists traveling in the opposite direction. For reasons of traffic safety, this arrangement is no longer deemed acceptable. This is why the single-track line is to be replaced with a double-track line on both lanes of  the street that passes through the center of town. Light-rail operation is to be introduced, which will limit the application of safety-installation requirements. The trains will travel in the same direction as motorists, which will lead to an improvement in traffic safety and have a welcome calming effect on motor vehicle traffic.

In addition to new railway construction, the transit-road project encompasses the renovation of Kantonsstrasse (including the replacement of a suspension bridge and supporting structures) and the relocation and replacement of various power and waterlines.

Modernized and barrier-free railway station

Prior to the construction of the double-track railway through the center of town, the track yard at the Teufen Railway Station will be expanded to three tracks for operational reasons. The station premises are also to be modernized according to a barrier-free design. The intersection in front of the railway station will also be converted into a traffic circle that provides for the integration of the new double track and improves traffic safety as well.

Special challenges

The project is largely to be executed without interrupting railway operation or otherwise hindering the societal and business activities of Teufen residents. The fact that key municipal infrastructures are located within the perimeter of the construction site (e.g. town hall, church, school, stores, restaurants, businesses) presents considerable challenges when it comes to traffic management and construction site logistics.

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