Managing property-use agreements on behalf of the Swiss Federal Roads Office

The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) regulates ownership, responsibilities and cost bearing for inventory objects of the national roads, which are shared by third parties, with object agreements. We support the Zofingen branch of FEDRO with contract templates, we conduct the negotiations with the contracting parties and manage the inventory object lists. Thanks to many years of cooperation in other FEDRO projects, our specialists are just as familiar with the rules and regulations for simple overpasses as they are with complex flood protection structures and protective structures against other natural hazards.

Our services

  • Drafting of property-use agreements
  • Conducting negotiations with third-party property users, including cantons, municipalities, and corporations
  • Administration of lists of properties in the federal inventory
  • Drafting of contract templates
  • Establishing a basis for property-use agreements (inspecting and compiling technical drawings, land-register documents, drainage plans, property reports, images, etc.) including site photographs
  • Drafting of fact sheets for the contracting parties

Contact persons