Market analysis: Finding the right IT system

Our clients need to be familiar with a wide variety of software products in order to develop their long-term IT strategies and plan for procurements. Working on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), we carried out a market analysis to identify an IT system that would enable the FOEN to process and administer its hydrometry and water-quality data. Altogether, our interdisciplinary team of IT and environmental specialists evaluated 21 different products in terms of their technical and professional suitability. We then drafted a report to provide the FOEN with a sound basis for planning further action.

Our services

  • Collect basic requirements from stakeholders
  • Interviews with experts and extensive web research to identify suitable products
  • Assessment of whether the products meet the basic specifications
  • Drafting of a report to present the results and a provide a recommendation for further action

Picture Credits: © EBP, Jürg Mannes

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