Market monitoring report relating to heat supply in Zurich West

What will the district heating supply for Zurich West be like after 2020? Entsorgung+Recycling Zürich (Zurich Waste Disposal+Recycling – ERZ) is holding expert workshops and evaluating variant solutions in a bid to find an answer.

Entsorgung+Recycling Zürich (Zurich Waste Disposal+Recycling – ERZ) is planning the future heat supply in Zurich West. ERZ is already operating a major district heating supply network there, fed from the Josefstrasse waste incineration district heating plant. The Josefstrasse plant is, however, to be decommissioned after 2020 as a result of a political decision. Customers in the Zurich West district should nevertheless continue to be supplied with heat. ERZ will publish a market monitoring report every two years, to analyse the current situation.

EBP organised a series of workshops for ERZ, the aim of which was to examine various approaches and solutions. A methodology for evaluating the variants was developed and applied. Objectives were identified that needed to be satisfied by the variants, and these objectives were then weighted and evaluated. At the same time, the EBP specialists applied their wide-ranging knowledge in the field of district heat provision and clarified a number of specific technical details.

A market analysis for district heat provision in this area was also developed. The assessment of the variants and the market analysis form the basis for the market monitoring report, which is to be published in early 2014. EBP is responsible for both the editorial work and the design.

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