Measuring sustainable development in tourism policy

Working together with experts from the Institute of Tourism and Mobility at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and the Center for Regional Economic Development at the University of Bern, Rütter Soceco, now part of EBP, examined the sustainable tourism policy of the Swiss government. We first established a basis for referring to, measuring, and evaluating sustainable development in the tourism sector. Using appropriate methods, we then developed a set of indicators to measure sustainability. Our results offer the Swiss government a sound basis for establishing appropriate goals and measures in the context of revising its tourism policies from 2022 onwards.

Our services

  • arifying the term “sustainable development” for application in tourism policy
  • Development of suitable methods for measuring and assessing the sustainability of Switzerland’s tourism policies
  • Development of a set of indicators to measure sustainability in Switzerland’s tourism

Picture Credits:, Claudia Beyli

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