Minergie brand relaunch

In the context of completing a comprehensive relaunch of the Minergie brand, EBP provided a wide range of communication services, including brand analysis, ideation, client consultation and project implementation. The result is a corporate look with a high degree of brand recognition and user-friendly design.

Minergie, the Swiss certification label for energy-efficient buildings, completed a comprehensive relaunch of its brand in 2017. The scope of the project included the introduction of new products, revised standards and expanded training programs. In the context of managing the relaunch, EBP worked side by side with Minergie to draft new corporate-identity (CI) and corporate-design (CD) concepts, define new visual imagery, organize corresponding photoshoots, refresh the corporate logo, create an entirely new website, develop and implement a landing page, create intuitive infographics for the various building standards and products, produce a corporate video and draft new corporate stationery. The scope of our work included numerous auxiliary tasks, including the design of print advertisements, exhibition panels, flyers, and presentations.

New corporate-identity and corporate-design concepts

The task here was to find a new, contemporary look for Minergie – one that would line up with the future orientation of the brand without altering the logo’s basic appearance. EBP therefore refreshed the logo, defined new visual CI and CD imagery with coordinated primary and secondary colors and developed a custom icon set and intuitive infographics that met the technical specifications without sacrificing the right degree of emotionality. This all gave rise to a very unique and appealing Minergie look with a high degree of brand recognition.

Minergie Landing Page


Landing page and new website

In order to create the new Minergie website ( and ensure an intuitive and comfortable experience for its visitors, EBP deployed principles of user-centered design. The structure and layout were configured according to user needs and tested by users repeatedly throughout the developmental process. A streamlined menu was implemented to allow users to conveniently navigate the site. The CD was implemented consistently. Large headers and graphics were added to ensure intuitive site orientation. During the transition phase, EBP also created a landing page to provide advance notice of changes to come, to offer information about seminars devoted to the new standards and to awaken interest in the new website. EBP also created a corporate video that conveys the Minergie brand values while simultaneously dispensing with the usual clichés.

Newsletter, infographics, presentations, stationery

In addition to this, EBP contributed to the successful brand relaunch by creating numerous other communication materials:

  • A newsletter layout and newsletter tool
  •  Various new and adapted infographics
  • A presentation template
  • New stationery, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards and report templates

All products were implemented in 3 languages (German, Italian and French).

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