Mobility technologies: Market opportunities for foreign companies

The Swiss mobility market offers numerous opportunities for foreign companies. This report offers an overview of the key stakeholders, projects, regulations and trends in the area of shared mobility and the development of battery, hybrid and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Canada is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to hydrogen fuel-cell systems and other pioneering mobility technologies. Given Switzerland’s commitment to technology-neutral approaches to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, the Swiss mobility market offers considerable potential for Canadian companies.

The Canadian embassy commissioned EBP to carry out an assessment of the various market factors in Switzerland, including the relevant stakeholders, the legal framework, and the major projects in the areas of shared mobility and battery, hybrid and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Based on media reports, our in-house expertise and extensive interviews with experts, we drafted a corresponding report on the Swiss market that can be used by Canadian companies. The report enables its readers to quickly evaluate the opportunities available on the Swiss mobility market and to establish a basis for possible partnerships.

In particular, the promising sectors identified by EBP include the supply of equipment for green-hydrogen production, fleet-management solutions for companies and the supply of software and services to transportation companies.

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