Model projects to promote economic development in cross-cantonal spaces

What is the best way to promote economic development in cross-cantonal spaces? This question was examined by seven regional stakeholders in the framework of a government-sponsored program “Sustainable Spatial Development”. EBP examined the findings from the seven projects and compiled these in a brochure structured for various target groups.

Model projects as a form of research

Local, regional and cantonal actors play an important role when it comes to testing new approaches to securing sustainable spatial development. In recognition of this role, the Swiss government has been willing to provide support in the form of model-project programs. The model projects can thereby take on the character of application-oriented research in a broader search for innovative solutions. The findings drawn from the projects are also used as input for the development of federal policy.

Focus on promoting cross-cantonal spaces

The third phase of the “Model Projects for Sustainable Spatial Development” program began in 2014. Seven projects carried out in the framework of the program address the topic of “Promoting Economic Development in Cross-Cantonal Spaces”. Some of the factors addressed by the projects include regional tourism, regional development and economic development in specific regional centers. The federal government would now like to make the findings from these projects available on a broader scale.

Compiling the findings for specific target groups

EBP evaluated the findings from the model projects, analyzed the written documents and conducted interviews with the project participants. Working together with representatives of various federal agencies, we compiled the central findings and documented them for various target groups in the form of a summary publication. The purpose of the publication is to inspire and support other regional stakeholders when it comes to developing their own projects.

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