Monitoring climate adaptation in the canton of Uri

In 2019, the canton of Uri revised its analysis of the sector-specific risks associated with climate change. Given that canton’s climate-adaptation strategy dates back to 2011 and is based on the risk analysis, the strategy needs to be updated in light of the latest information.

EBP is supporting the canton to oversee the strategy’s implementation and update its climate-adaptation strategy. These activities are realized in a highly participatory process that includes all departments of the canton. The scope of our assignment includes monitoring the success of existing measures, identifying new measures, and ascertaining monitoring parameters that reveal the impact of climate change in the canton.

Our services

  • Elaboration of a concept for monitoring and updating the climate-adaptation strategy
  • Conceptualization and execution of an annual event to discuss and assess the implementation of the defined measures and monitoring parameters
  • Elaboration of an annual report for the Uri Government Council on the current implementation status of the climate-adaptation strategy

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