Municipal settlement development in Thayngen

A settlement development strategy helps a municipality to define its medium- to long-term spatial and structural development and shows how it complies with requirements of the cantonal development plans. Working together with representatives of the municipality of Thayngen, we determined ways to achieve high-quality inward settlement development while preserving the unique character of local districts. We placed special value on the retention of open and green spaces, while developing smart municipal responses to future traffic challenges.

Our services

  • Drafting of a spatial analysis of the entire municipality
  • Drafting of a settlement development strategy together with municipal representatives regarding the following issues: overall strategy for settlement development, development areas, historical town centers, open and green spaces, commercial areas, mobility and traffic, as well as public buildings and facilities
  • Organizing and conducting population workshops
  • Evaluation of public-disclosure requirements and cantonal hearings

Picture Credits Main Image: © Michael Kessler

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