Municipality-focused electromobility scenarios

In addition to the scenarios EBP created to better anticipate and prepare for the development of electric vehicle use at a national level in Switzerland, the company now provides scenarios to help individual municipalities promote and prepare for the development of electric vehicle use at a regional level. The scope of the service includes the provision of customized information to municipal authorities to help them prepare for the coming expansion of their electric vehicle fleets, including the requisite charging infrastructure.

Regionalization of established electromobility scenarios

EBP joined forces with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) in 2013 to devise a fundamental study on the use of electric vehicles in Switzerland. The company also created various scenarios to anticipate and prepare for the market penetration of electric vehicles at a national level in Switzerland. These scenarios have been regularly expanded and updated with the latest data – most recently in March of 2018 (Electromobility Scenarios for Switzerland – Update 2018). The scenarios have laid the groundwork for most of the development plans that have been devised in Switzerland for expanding charging infrastructure, adapting distribution networks and implementing promotional measures, as well as having helped power companies to create new business strategies.

Customized municipality profiles

We provide municipal planners with customized profiles to help them plan for current and future use of electric vehicles in their individual municipalities. To do this, we create distinct scenarios centering on the following topics: “Business As Usual”; “Efficiency” and “Connected Mobility” to account, roughly speaking, for each of the 5-year intervals between now and 2035.

EBP offers a detailed account of the development of electric vehicle use and the impact it will have on charging and infrastructure needs. Our profiles contain targeted information relating to the following factors:

  • Expected number of electric vehicles
  • Expected number of charging cycles
  • Expected charging demand in MWh
  • Expected demand for charging infrastructure according to charging-station type

Charging is divided into four categories: “Home,” “Work,” at selected public locations such as shopping or recreation centers – “Point of Interest,” and at public-access fast-charging stations – “Fast”. The information is presented in intuitive graphic form and supplemented with brief evaluations and explanations provided by our transportation specialists. In addition to this, our municipality clients receive a complete data record (e.g. on an Excel file) for each of the development scenario which they can continue to work with as they see fit.

EBP launched the regionalized electromobility scenarios for municipalities at the beginning of May 2018.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in learning more about the future development of electromobility in your municipality!