National risk analysis: "Disasters and emergencies in Switzerland"

What risks are relevant for Switzerland? What is their significance? And what is the relationship of the risks to one another? The national risk analysis regarding civil protection, "Disasters and emergencies in Switzerland", offers some answers.

The risk analysis, "Disasters and emergencies in Switzerland" analyses the risks relevant to civil protection and their livelihoods. The results should be made available to the Federal NBCN Crisis Management Board, the cantons and all interested parties as a unified basis for their own further work.

EBP is supporting the core team at the Federal Office for Civil Protection, making both methodological and content-related contributions. The focus is on

  • the development of a catalogue of risks, which currently contains around 90 threats and associated reference events in Switzerland and abroad,
  • the production of dossiers for threats in the areas of natural, technical and societal risks (e.g. storms, road traffic accidents involving hazardous substances, pandemics),
  • the development of methodical principles for analysing the risks of each threat and for a subsequent comparative national risk analysis, and
  • the moderation of expert workshops on the risk analysis of selected scenarios.

At an information event on 17 April 2013, the current status of the catalogue of risks, the method report, twelve threat dossiers and the Risk Report 2012 were presented to a specialist audience from the administration, business and scientific sectors in Switzerland and abroad.

EBP is supporting the Federal Office for Civil Protection until the end of 2014 with the production of 21 further threat dossiers.

Picture Credits: Federal Office for Civil Protection

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