New agglomeration program for Obersee

After three successful program generations, the Agglo Obersee Association has drafted its fourth agglomeration program. We have provided organizational and substantive assistance to the cross-cantonal association since the very first program generation. The aim of the fourth program is to harmonize settlement and transportation development and derive cogent measures in the areas of settlement, landscape, and transportation. In our oversight role, we addressed the issues of open space, overall settlement ambience, and settlement quality for the first time.

Our services

  • Call to tender and oversight of projects for settlement ambience and open-space quality, roadway development strategy, and an urban access network for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Revision of and increased focus on content around settlement and transportation specifications, particularly relating to the envisioned target state and the need for action
  • Drafting of main documents, measures catalogues, and maps
  • Execution of the participatory process
  • Support for the head project-management office
  • Implementation controlling on behalf of the Agglo Obersee Association (17 municipalities and 3 cantons) and finance controlling on behalf of the Swiss federal government

Picture Credits: Agglo Obersee

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