New build of the Swiss Re headquarters

The Swiss Re reinsurance company is building a new headquarters right on the bank of Lake Zurich. Maximum requirements have been placed on the sustainability both of the dismantling of the existing structure and the new build. EBP is planning and undertaking the project management of the dismantling of the basement levels plant below ground water level, the specialist foundation engineering works (dewatering and piling) and the whole of the loadbearing structure for the new building

This project comprises the new build of the Swiss Re reinsurance company in Zurich. The existing building is to be demolished and replaced by a new office building with 3 basement levels, a ground floor and 5 upper storeys.

The diaphragm wall constructed for the previous building is to be retained and will enclose the building pit for the new building. The existing structure will be dismantled in stages down to the base of the former building pit. At the same time, the new basement levels will be formed, ensuring constant protection for the diaphragm wall.

The upper storeys are to be built using a reinforced concrete composite building method. This will enable the necessary large spans (approx. 14 m) to be supported and ensures enough space for the technical installations for the buildings.

Challenges include dewatering, the construction of the new piling system through the existing structure, dismantling of the old and simultaneous construction of the new basement levels within the existing diaphragm wall, difficult geological conditions (lacustrine chalk), the large spans of the main loadbearing system, compliance with the requirements of 3 certificates (Minergie-P-Eco, LEED Platinum, 2000 Watt Society).

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