New road transportation links for the Altdorf Railway Station

The canton of Uri made a decision to expand the Altdorf Railway Station, a decision that would effectively turn it into the most important railway station in the Lower Reuss Valley. EBP completed the planning work for the east and west bus stations at the site, as well as other elements aimed at linking road transportation to the railway station.

Currently a regional station, the Altdorf Railway Station is to undergo expansion in connection with a decision to make it the official Uri Cantonal Railway Station. The expansion will effectively give rise to a new main transportation hub in the middle of the Uri Valley, a point of convergence for railway and roadway transportation. The scope of the project will include the construction of new railway facilities and additional links for private vehicles and public buses.

Expansion of the railway station’s east side

The plan for the east side of the Altdorf Station is to expand the forecourt as a public transportation hub, including six bus bays. This will necessitate relocating the eastern course of Rynächtstrasse and changing the points at which Hagenstrasse, Bahnhofstrasse and Gurtenmundstrasse approach the station.

Provision is to be made for three taxi parking spots and one kiss+ride spot on the north side of the railway station. EBP also examined various issues and specific layouts relating to an expansion of the existing park+ride facility.

Expansion of the railway station’s west side

Provision is to be made on the west side of the railway station for a bus station with two bus bays, a passenger waiting room and a park+ride facility with 64 vehicle parking spots and a number of bicycle and motorcycle parking spots. A continuous sidewalk on the east side of Reussacherstrasse will link the park+ride facility to the bus station. This will require modifications to the existing transshipment facility operated by the Hartsteinwerk AG rock extraction company.

Our project contribution

EBP drafted the preliminary and construction-phase plans for both the east and west side road-transportation links at the railway station. In the context of the preliminary planning, EBP carried out extensive examinations of alternative proposals that then led to the selection of the most promising one. During the construction phase, we acted as a liaison for the various stakeholders, including Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Uri Cantonal Bank, the municipality of Altdorf, various cantonal agencies, plant owners and property owners.

The Altdorf Cantonal Railway Station is scheduled to commence operation after the commissioning of the Ceneri Tunnel at the end of 2021.

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