New transportation plan for Schaffhausen

EBP helped the city of Schaffhausen to update its multi-modal comprehensive plan. In a participative process with local stakeholders, we completed a current-situation analysis and identified the main challenges. Based on our results, we then worked out a series of viable proposals to help define the future development of the city’s transportation system in a manner that would best accommodate all of the relevant city locations. We also created a modern brochure with a target group oriented structure and compelling infographics to effectively convey the complex variables involved.

Our services

  • Design and management of the work process
  • Identification of the main transportation challenges
  • Completion of a trend analysis
  • Definition of goals and strategies
  • Identification of main topics and measures. In the area of transportation development, these include a comprehensive network of bicycle routes, smart parking-space management, and space-efficient development of low-emissions transportation. In the area of key city locations, the measures include the establishment of a transportation link between the districts and the city center, the optimization of the link to the landmark “Munot”, and the development of the area around the freight depot. Taken together, these measures offer considerable potential when it comes to the realization of a space-efficient, secure, affordable, and environmentally friendly transportation system.
  • Creation of an illustrated explanatory brochure
  • Design of icons and infographics to efficiently convey essential content, including the nine main goals

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