Olten node 2035++ target rail concept study

The service concept 2035 requires capacity-increasing measures in the area of the platform and track facilities at Olten station: In addition to adjustments in the track layout, these measures include platform extensions and an expansion of the public facilities. Within the context of a planning study, we worked out the details of various infrastructure elements, including passenger underpasses and platform accessways. Our work will help to secure smooth passenger flow for the long term.

Our services

  • Design of all civil and structural engineering works, including track construction, cable civil engineering and drainage, along with the necessary auxiliary construction measures
  • Coordination of all participating SBB departments
  • Drafting of preliminary plans for the platform extensions for tracks 1 to 3, including construction of the new 16-meters-wide Hardegg passenger underpass
  • Development of the partial replacement and upgrade of the Post Tunnel, which is to serve as a new logistics accessway
  • Drafting of preliminary plans for the renovation of the Olten shunting yard, including the replacement of the Olten Nord footbridge
  • Drafting of preliminary plans for new railway sidings in Dulliken

Picture Credits: © EBP, Salem Blum

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