An online tool for assessing rare metal supply risks

The online tool known as “Metal Risk Check” helps small and medium-sized enterprises assess their dependence on rare metals. EBP was responsible for designing the tool.

Owing to general scarcity, growing global demand and various geopolitical risks, many enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to secure an adequate supply of rare metals. The online tool known as “Metal Risk Check” was designed to help enterprises ascertain their specific risks and to develop appropriate supply and innovation strategies. The tool was especially conceived for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to developing the basic methodology behind the online tool, EBP was also responsible for its design.

Streamlined design and intuitive user navigation

The tool begins with a questionnaire that solicits information about the enterprise, including the specific metals or semi-finished products it needs and the production processes it uses. The tool analyzes the information provided and issues a customized risk profile. The profile makes use of clear and interactive infographics to represent the enterprise’s risk in four dimensions. Users also have the option of displaying and hiding additional information as required, depending on the complexity of their particular situation, without sacrificing clarity. Users can save their risk profiles, and any recommendations, for future reference.