Overall revision of the cantonal development plan for Lucerne

The Canton of Lucerne is revising its development plan to create more favorable spatial conditions for its further development. We are providing support for the canton in this process by developing its main goals, strategies, specifying the chapters of the development plan as well as with the coordination of all the relevant offices and implementation of the entire process. In light of new development circumstances and conditions, we took particular account of economic and societal structural changes.

Our services

  • Drafting of the overarching development goals and strategies
  • Preparation of the content of the development plan’s chapters: settlement, spatial impulses, mobility, landscape, energy, and supply/waste management
  • Design and production of all illustrations and maps, including the preparation of geographical data
  • Drafting the texts of the necessary resolutions and the impact report
  • Coordination of all departments
  • Provision of support to the internal project management throughout the preparation and approval process

Contact persons