Partial revision of the development plan for wind energy in Canton Lucerne

The Swiss Federal Energy Act requires the cantons to use the instrument of their cantonal development plans to define suitable areas for the use of wind power in their structural development plans. We are providing substantive and procedural support to help the Canton of Lucerne complete this challenging task. Within the scope of this work is assistance with the revision of the canton’s development plan to enable the gradual restructuring of its energy system, including the installation of wind turbines.

Our services

  • Clarifying the technical and spatial criteria based on the currently applicable legislation
  • Preparation of the content of the relevant chapter in the cantonal development plan, as well as drafting the explanatory report as per Art. 47 of the Swiss Spatial Planning Ordinance (RPV)
  • Drafting of the necessary resolutions and the impact report
  • Provision of support throughout the drafting and approval process
  • Management of the entire process, including scheduling, meetings, events and quality assurance

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