Pilot study: driverless cars and pedestrians

Driverless cars are likely to influence the future of mobility. But how will pedestrians interact with driverless cars? And what would be the best, safest and most sustainable design for a transportation system that accommodates all modes of traffic? Together with Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), we investigated the interaction of people on foot and vehicles with automated parking systems in the municipality of Thalwil as part of a pilot test.

Our services

  • Assessment of the latest international research on driverless cars and pedestrians
  • Conduction and evaluation of tests involving the use of automated parking systems in the municipality of Thalwil
  • Survey of pedestrian passersby to ascertain their subjective sense of security in the vicinity of self-parking cars
  • Presentation of recommendations for a secure, urban, allmode mobility system

Picture Credits:, yang miao

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