Planning and construction management for the Limmat Valley Railway

From the end of 2022, the Limmat Valley Railway will begin expanding its railway network to provide service access to the municipalities of Zürich-Altstetten, Schlieren, Urdorf, Dietikon, Spreitenbach, and Killwangen. We have been commissioned to manage the call to tender for the Dietikon-West section and to oversee the construction phase. The focus lies on road construction, utility-line installation, and the construction of a facility to treat road runoff at the Mutschellen junction. We also give special attention to all existing landfill and brownfield sites. It will be crucial in the context of the project to maintain close consultation with those overseeing other projects in the immediate vicinity, particularly with an eye to securing uninterrupted traffic flow during the various construction phases.

Our services

  • Planning for road construction, drainage systems, utility lines, and a treatment facility for road runoff
  • Coordination with all specialist planners
  • Project conception and execution from the call to tender (SIA Phase 41) to the commissioning of infrastructure (SIA Phase 53)
  • Construction-phase planning and coordination in consultation with other project participants and those overseeing neighboring projects
  • Construction management and oversight of construction work at the Mutschellen junction

Picture Credits: © bürobureau

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