Planning photovoltaic array for EBP office building, Berlin

The new EBP office building near "Hamburger Bahnhof" in Berlin meets the most demanding of DGNB (Platinum) sustainability criteria. We achieved this by also exploiting renewable energy sources and by implementing a green-roof system.

When it came to the surfaces of the rooftop utilities unit and the southwest terrace, the EBP team provided for the installation of a photovoltaic array and extensive green-roof elements. The array’s output power rating is around 28 kWp, with an average annual yield of 23,400 kWh. The photovoltaic array was installed by a local solar systems contractor.

One of the project’s main aims was to take account of demanding specifications relating to architectural aesthetics and the green roof system, while at the same time maximizing the photovoltaic yield to contribute to the DGNB certification. It was also essential to ensure that the array would operate cost-effectively.

Our services

Drafting of multiple versions of the system concept for the photovoltaic array; drafting of all documents for the invitation to tender; evaluation of the submitted offers; supervision of project execution; completion of the technical acceptance procedure; and transfer of system operation.