Planning for photovoltaic array SBB "Gleistribüne", Zurich

EBP completed the planning for a green roof and photovoltaic array in accordance with DGNB sustainability standards for residential Building F at the Zurich "Gleistribüne" complex next to Zürich Central Station.

Three new residential buildings (“Gleistribüne”) and one services building (“Gleisarena”) are under construction at an approximately 2,000-foot-long site on the north side of the track yard at Zurich Central Station. The property owner and developer is SBB AG. In order to meet DGNB sustainability criteria, a photovoltaic array will be installed on the roof of the 7-storey residential Building F, which is to be completed by 2020. The electricity generated by the array will be used by the building’s occupants, with any surplus electricity feeding into the EWZ grid.

Optimal coordination

One of the main goals for the Building F project was to obtain DGNB certification. To contribute to this goal, EBP completed the planning for a high-performance and cost-effective photovoltaic array, while also taking into account a green roof. The result is a photovoltaic array with an output power rating of around 34 kWp and an expected average annual yield of 35 MWh.

Our services

Drafting of multiple versions of the system concept for the photovoltaic array; and drafting of all documents for the invitation to tender.