Planning for the relocation of railway infrastructure in Winterthur

SBB Real Estate and the city of Winterthur are interested in relocating a number of urban railway facilities in Winterthur and redeveloping the sites where the facilities are currently located. To establish a basis for urban development planning, EBP examined various relocation and optimization options for the existing railway facilities in Winterthur.

Extensive railway infrastructure is currently located on both the north and south sides of the Winterthur Railway Station. This infrastructure has various functions, including the shunting of passenger trains, the formation and shunting of freight trains, as well as providing a space for transshipment facilities, an emergency services center (firefighting and rescue trains) and a maintenance and repair center including service trains.

Comprehensive analysis, alternative proposals for long-term development

EBP conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing functions and the development plan entries for railway systems in Winterthur. Using this as a basis, we drafted and assessed a number of alternative proposals for the long-term development of the passenger railway station.

With respect to the individual functions, we analyzed dependencies relating to optimization and/or relocation measures, developed a layout (number and arrangement of tracks, space requirements, etc.) for each function, and consulted with SBB Infrastructure concerning our findings. With respect to railway operation, we ascertained those functions that could be relocated to external sites and whose relocation would free up space for purposes of urban development.

Using aerial images and maps, we then identified sites adjacent to the railway that could be used in the relocation of operations currently performed at the Winterthur Railway Station. We then examined the function-specific space requirements to determine which functions could be assigned to specific alternative sites. Using this as a basis, we developed three possible strategies and ascertained which sites would be available for urban development planning for each strategy.

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