Position paper on electric vehicles for the city of Winterthur

EBP has drafted a position paper on the advance of electric vehicle technology for the city of Winterthur. The paper provides a set of guidelines for addressing the issue in policymaking contexts, outlines a number of areas where there is a need for further action and offers corresponding recommendations.

The development of electric vehicles represents a new challenge for cities and municipalities. Indeed, it is no surprise that the topic of electric vehicles has already been discussed in various administrative agencies in the city of Winterthur. However, in order to be in a position to take advantage of the opportunities and manage the risks associated with electric vehicles, it will be necessary to introduce a set of uniform guidelines to coordinate the city’s approach to this new technology.

Working on behalf of the city of Winterthur, EBP has drafted a position paper that provides a basis for making policy decisions relating to electric vehicles. The position paper on electric vehicles establishes a set of basic guidelines for the city’s policymakers. It also offers an assessment of future challenges and presents recommendations for meeting these challenges.

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