Positioning and use concept for two railway station sites

Swiss Federal Railwais is planning to develop two sites next to railway stations located in municipalities on the shore of Lake Zurich. EBP completed site and market analyses for the two sites in question and used these as a basis for deriving appropriate use concepts.

From portfolio to development strategy

After completing a portfolio analysis and applying various selection criteria, Swiss Federal Railwais (SBB) identified a number of sites for real-estate development. With the support of EBP, SBB also identified two sites in municipalities located on Lake Zurich and earmarked these for development in the coming years.

Site and market analysis

We examined for both sites the location quality in terms of access, local services and recreational and cultural opportunities among other factors. We also evaluated potential demand, assessed the existing competition and analyzed key real-estate market indicators, including price, occupancy and advertisement times. We then discussed and validated the results of our site and market analysis in the context of a workshop with the client.

Utilization concept

Using our site and market analysis as a basis, we defined the relevant user and target groups and the quantitative and qualitative specifications that would have to be met by the real-estate projects. The challenge that emerged centered on the discrepancy between the high quality of the general location of the municipalities on Lake Zurich and the specific location of the sites next to the railway stations with some challenges for residential development.

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