Positioning strategy for the Swiss municipality of Volketswil

Like other municipalities, Volketswil faces the task of securing its status as an attractive place to live, work, and play in order to benefit from investment, good jobs, and a healthy tax base. But what is the best approach to positioning itself in relation to other locations? Working together with the Volketswil municipal council, we drafted a global vision and a set of guiding principles to use as a basis for defining specific measures by which to achieve the established goals. We then consolidated all of this into an action plan whose contents were worked out over the course of several workshops with the help of design thinking. This enabled us to adopt various perspectives, generate creative ideas and ensure acceptance for the positioning strategy.

Our services

  • Conception of the positioning process
  • Organization and execution of workshops aimed at defining goals and addressing focal points such as municipal planning, economic development, and communication
  • Expert input relating to spatial and traffic planning, promotional measures, and communication
  • Drafting of an action plan, including guiding principles and basic commitments
  • Drafting of a measures plan

Picture Credits: © Hoch-Foto-Technik

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