Potable Water Management Programme in Upper Egypt – Phase 1

Bringing safe drinking water to around 80’000 inhabitants of deprived neighborhoods in Aswan, making them aware of the value of safe water, and supporting the Aswan Water and Sanitation Company (AWSC) in improving its services to its customers – these were the three main outcomes of Phase 1 of the Potable Water Management Programme in Upper Egypt (PWMP). Through this mix of organizational development, community outreach and infrastructure development the Programme contributes to an improved economic development of these neighborhoods.

Our services

  • Improve potable water management and service provision at the utility level, via analysis of business processes, using the AquaRating methodology and working with task forces
  • Provide equal access to a reliable potable water supply system for the inhabitants, including construction of a new reservoir, a pumping station, transport mains and the distribution network
  • Promote the adoption of efficient water use measures among the inhabitants, working with promotors, schools, and a community committee

PWMP Phase 1 – Approach and Results

Image: Khor Awada Neighborhood, Aswan
Picture Credits: © EBP, Andreas Zysset

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