Potential and feasibility analysis of photovoltaics in a site network

We seek to set a good example and strive for net zero emissions as a company. This goal shall be attained with the implementation of a photovoltaic system on our office buildings in cooperation with our neighbors. With a virtual site network, we intend to make the best possible use of the locally generated solar power by optimally balancing the power demand and solar power production across the involved properties. The virtual power balancing will begin operation as soon as we receive regulatory approval for virtual site networks.

Our services

  • Carrying out a potential and feasibility study
  • Dimensioning and visualizing the photovoltaic systems
  • Estimating investment and operating costs, solar electricity yield, solar power use, and cost effectiveness
  • Planning the PV systems and conducting the tendering phase
  • Accompanying the approval process with the authorities
  • Construction management and implementation support

Picture Credits:, geralt

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