Precautionary earthquake planning for Graubünden

Earthquakes represent one of the greatest threats to the canton of Graubünden. We identified the required tasks and the parties responsible for performing the tasks to help ensure the canton’s capacity to respond to and recover from an earthquake. Our work has helped to establish a common understanding of how the canton, its municipalities, federal agencies and other stakeholders could manage the consequences of a severe earthquake. This laid an essential foundation for effective earthquake preparedness.

Our services

  • Raising the awareness among the numerous stakeholders about the risk of an earthquake and the various phases of response and recovery
  • Facilitation of interdisciplinary workshops to identify the involved actors
  • Defining the tasks to be performed by the respective actors and identification of ways to exploit optimization potential in the area of earthquake preparedness
  • Documentation of all findings, including measures proposals and implementation plans

Picture Credits: © Michael Balzer

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