Preliminary study for an integrated risk management system for the FOT

EBP assisted the Federal Office of Transport in the assessment of the introduction of an integrated risk management system with the development of a general concept.

The Federal Office of Transport (FOT) faces, in its role as the supervisory authority for public transport, many operational and strategic risks. Several processes, instruments and resources focussed on specific topics already exist for conscientious risk management.

In the context of a preliminary study it has been investigated, on the one hand, how an integrated risk management system (IRM) should be designed for the FOT, and what processes and instruments existing within FOT could be used for this. In addition, the expected benefits of such an IRM have been compared with the expected expense.

The approach to answering these questions can be divided into the following phases:

  • Situational analysis: drawing up of the requirements of the FOT directorate for risk management and compilation of the already existing elements within FOT
  • Developing the framework conditions for a FOT IRM
  • Basic concept of a FOT IRM
  • Indication of benefits and expense of such an IRM

The result of this preliminary study is a suggestion for a general IRM concept for the FOT with details of policy, process, instruments and organisation. It will serve the directorate of the FOT as a basis for decision-making for future action.

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