Preliminary study for Thun’s Climate and Energy Strategy

Working on behalf of the Swiss city of Thun, we examined the impact of the energy transition on the transportation, heating-supply, and electric-power sectors to help the city lay the groundwork for a new climate-and-energy strategy. To do this, we created an detailed model of the current use of heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, and electric vehicles. We also highlighted a need for action in the areas of electric power (winter production, peak loads, curtailment of PV systems) and gas (grid impact, need for renewable sources).

Our services

  • Modeling the impact on the power grid of electrification in the transportation and heating sectors as well as the growing number of photovoltaic systems
  • Analysis of proposed measures to promote intelligent integrated energy systems, load flexibility, and grid reinforcement
  • Organization of workshops with technical and strategic content consolidation
  • Clarification of the city’s competencies in terms of the introduction of measures to reduce carbon emissions

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