ProChileWatt: Saving power in churches

Around half of all churches in Switzerland are heated with inefficient electric-heating systems that consume large amounts of power. While interest in switching to more efficient systems is strong, the corresponding renovation costs are prohibitive for many churches.

Working together with selected subcontractors and an ecologically-minded church organization by the name of oeku Kirche und Umwelt, we developed the ProChileWatt funding program. Offering program funding of up to 40% of total investment costs, we were able to encourage numerous congregations to carry out the necessary renovations. Thanks to the program, churches have already saved more than 27 GWh of power.

Kirche Unterseen
Unterseen Church Choir (courtesy of Unterseen Church)

Our services

  • Development and introduction of a power-saving program for churches
  • Provision of support for over 80 congregations on their way to achieving greater energy sustainability
  • Installation of programmable heating and lighting systems
  • Achievement of average power savings of 40% per church
  • Total power savings of more than 27 GWh
  • Additional benefits: an improved indoor climate helps to protect church organs and reduce drafts
Stromeinsparungen im Programm
Lower power consumption thanks to the program

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