Promoting electrification of transportation in the Lake Constance region

Greater progress towards the electrification of transportation in the Lake Constance region would help to improve the region’s transportation and energy-supply systems. Working on behalf of the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK), EBP examined various innovations relating to the electrification of transportation and developed a region-specific promotional strategy.

The Lake Constance region includes territory belonging to the following four countries: Switzerland; Germany; Austria; and Liechtenstein. Accounting for around one-third of the region’s total carbon emissions, its road, rail and water transportation systems can be described as high-volume. Road transportation in particular is powered nearly entirely by fossil fuels. In light of this, promoting the use of electric vehicles represents a promising means of reducing fossil-fuel dependence, lowering local emissions and thereby achieving a more sustainable transportation system. In rural regions in particular, switching to electric vehicles could have a major impact because privately-owned motor vehicles can be expected to still play an important role well into the future. Moreover, given the growing significance of renewable sources of energy in the overall power mix, electric vehicles will represent a more environmentally friendly option.

Close cooperation with all stakeholders

The IBK would like to protect and promote the Lake Constance region as an attractive region in which to live, work and do business – a region characterized by intact and beautiful natural landscapes and a variety of cultural opportunities. To meet this goal, the IBK is looking for ways to reinforce regional cooperation among the various stakeholders, including lawmakers and business leaders. In light of the potential associated with increasing the use of electricity in the transportation and energy sectors in the Lake Constance region, the IBK enlisted the services of EBP to help it develop a corresponding promotional strategy. In order to secure a proper strategic orientation and to identify appropriate measures, we conducted a stakeholder analysis, interviewed the most important stakeholders and organized and moderated multiple workshops.

Soliciting the support of lawmakers and business leaders

The IBK is determined to reach the following electrification goal by 2030: “To successfully exploit the potential offered by electrification so as to achieve sustainable energy-supply and transportation systems in the Lake Constance region, i.e. systems that will have a neutral or positive impact on the region’s climate, air quality and noise”.
The IBK would like to secure this goal by achieving the following preliminary goals:

  • To produce 100% of the electricity used to power transportation from renewable sources.
  • To enhance the impact of transportation electrification by promoting: non-motorized means of personal transportation; public transportation; and ride-sharing services.
  • To encourage the public sector, including local and regional officials, as well as business leaders and energy suppliers to support the electrification of transportation. This applies in particular to stakeholders in the tourism sector, as well as to enterprises with large numbers of employees.

The IBK is pursuing a holistic strategy in order to promote the electrification of transportation. This includes smart communication strategies.

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